About the Book

In a whirlwind world of running from one task to the next, “Nova Conscientia” beckons deep, steady breath. Thought-provoking and soul-stirring to its core, this book invites the reader to explore their inner and outer realms through the eyes of newfound awareness. From being catapulted into the heart of winter amidst sparrows, to being immersed in riverbeds brimming with ancient stardust, there is magic to be found, not only in the seemingly fantastical, but in the blatantly ordinary. Above all, as a seamless intersection between poetry and philosophy (particularly Zen), this collection of meditative musings serves as a reminder to be more mindful in daily life to bring about enduring peace, self-compassion, and mind-body-soul healing.

In the Top 100 for Zen Philosophy Books!
⭕ In the Top 100 for Nature Poetry Books!

A divine poet, Ravyn Ark’s words welcome my soul to sit with me and heal my wounds with every poem.

Rashi Sanghavi, Spiritual Poet & Author of A Humble Catharsis


The book cover of Nova Conscientia: poetic snippets of mindfulness. The background of it is white and there's a series of four red squiggles going down the middle.

Paperback and E-book Now Available on Amazon!
(Audiobook and Hardcover in progress)

Author: Ravyn “Rei” Ark

Genres: Mystic Poetry, Nature Poetry, Zen Philosophy, Self-help

Artwork by me

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