Grieving Clouds (Nova Conscientia Excerpt #4)

“Clusters of clouds,no two the same. How sad for the cloud,that we grieve when he transforms into rain,yet we only see the blueness of skywhere he should’ve been,asking “Where did you go?”and saying “I miss you!” We’re so caught up with a former form,yet he continues to greet us in the dropletson our umbrellas, in […]

Nova Conscientia Book Release!

My poetry/philosophy book “Nova Conscientia“ is out now! For the time being, it’s available as a paperback on Amazon. However, an ebook and audiobook are in the works to make it more accessible. 🙂 Click here to purchase!

Little Hill (Nova Conscientia Excerpt #3)

So, when this fall arrives, I’ll leap into the first leaf pile I see,for the whole world to see.I’ll laugh like a childlike I did all those years ago.It’ll be my song to her… Ravyn Ark ©2021 Painting: “Cottage by the Sea” by Kōno Bairei (1844-1895)

Rebirth (Nova Conscientia excerpt #1)

We—just like the ravens, raccoons, and red maples—all bow in and out of this existence. In between, little deaths visit and revisit us—in the form of shedding skin, feathers, fur, leaves… Ravyn Ark ©2021 Featured artwork: “Crow” by Kono Bairei (1844-1895)

A painting by Kono Bairei of a person holding an umbrella whilecrossing a brigdge with trees the background

My first post!

Hello WordPress world and beyond! My name is Ravyn, but you can call me Rei. I’ve been a poet for the last two decades, so it’s safe to say writing is one of my biggest passions. Nova Conscientia (new awareness or consciousness) is my debut poetry book that I’m planning on releasing by 2022. On […]

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